Dads & Daughters


I saw a book on the new acquisitions page of the Sacramento County Public Library website this morning that may be of interest to clients and readers.

The book is called The Dads and Daughter’s Togetherness Guide:  54 Fun Activities for Dads and Daughters to Help Build a Great Relationship written by Joe Kelly.  In my family law cases, quite often I hear complaints from Mom that Dad doesn’t “do anything” with Daughter during his parenting time (which is often on the weekend).  In one case I worked on, Mom alleged that Dad practically ignored the child all day while he played on the Internet or went bowling with his buddies.  Another similar complaint is that Dad doesn’t do age appropriate activities with the child.  In other words, he does things that he wants to do, without regard to the interests of the minor.  One Mom complained that Dad took his teenage daughters to jazz concerts and sporting events that his daughters couldn’t care less about.  As a final example, in one matter I handled, Mom alleged Dad was guilty of both sinsHe took his five year old daughter out on a fishing boat with his friends all weekend long.

If unaddressed, these kind of issues can lead to serious conflict between the parents and visitation discontent with the minor as well, at least in cases where Mom’s concerns are valid.  I’m not suggesting that Dad necessarily has to do something grand every time he has visitation.  There’s no need to go to Disneyland every weekend; but it is an opportunity to spend quality time with the child that should not be squandered.

Sometimes I think Dad’s behavior is unintentional.  He may never have considered the issue or could simply be clueless about what kind of activities he could do with his daughter.  That’s where this book comes in.  According to the publisher’s description, “Fathers know that doing things with their daughters is important. Shared activities build trust and self-esteem, show how much dads care, and allow everyone to cut loose and have fun. But even fathers who can beat the generation and gender gaps that make them feel awkward can’t always dream up cool places to go or mutually enjoyable things to do. Like the coach of their favorite team, dads need a game plan, and that’s exactly what Joe Kelly provides in Dads & Daughters Togetherness Guide.”

If you’re a Dad who has struggled with this issue, check this book out!  And if you’re a Mom who is unhappy with Dad’s agenda during his visitation, why not buy him a copy?  As mentioned above, this book is available at the Sacramento Library, but it can also be purchased at Amazon for under $10.

Speaking of the library, this month the Sacramento Library is calling on area residents to support reading, learning and community in Sacramento in conjunction with Borders.

During the month of August, visit any Sacramento area Borders Bookstore and donate one of 150 books from the Library’s wish-list. Not only will the Sacramento community benefit from the addition of the book to the Sacramento Public Library’s collection, but the Sacramento Public Library Foundation will receive 5% from the proceeds of the book’s sale.  For other ways to support the library, check this page!

Remember, “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”  ~ Charles W. Eliot.


I added my office this morning to Google Maps.  From time to time my listing will have a valuable coupon for prospective clients.  The first one is $25 off an initial consultation for prospective family law clients.  This offer expires on August 31, 2007.  I normally charge $100 at the first meeting for up to an hour.

At the consultation we would sit down face to face and discuss your goals, the issues in your case, your options and possible trouble-spots, court procedure, and of course I would try to answer any questions you have.  The best time to meet for a consultation is when your case is in the early stages or when you are simply contemplating taking legal action.  However, even if you case is has progressed to a later stage, I may still be able to assist you.  If you live outside the Sacramento area, the consultation can be performed on the telephone at a prearranged time.  Please contact me if you would like to set one up!  I am sure you will gain a much better understanding of your situation and find it worthwhile.  I am currently accepting new clients in the areas of family law, small business matters and bankruptcies.

— Michael