Where do men go after a divorce? Survey says …!

I saw this (100 person) survey on Family Feud this morning:

Q:  A man goes on a honeymoon after his wedding, where does he goes after a divorce?

The top seven answers were listed on the board.

  1. bar or strip club
  2. las vegas or vacation destination
  3. to another women
  4. court
  5. golf course
  6. friends
  7. home to momma (2)

Contestants tossed out these answers that were strikes: a brothel, therapy or counseling and a speed dating service.

Is anyone surprised by the survey results?  If you are a divorced guy, where did you go after your divorce?  I wonder what women do?  I don’t imagine their top destination is a bar or strip club.

— Michael

P.S. I believe this show originally aired on 05.19.10.  A transcript of the episode can be found here.